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Naranjan Naidoo, descendant of the well-known Naidoo family, is the chairman and CEO of Gulf Pacific and a renowned and distinguished businessman. His gift is to make deals happen, and he has thus been involved in very large deals throughout the world, in particular involving major industry and governments throughout Asia and Africa. 

Family History

Naidoo’s family originated in Pondicherry, a territory in South India. In the late 1800s the family, headed by Naidoo’s grandfather, emigrated to South Africa. There the family settled in Durban, where the elder Naidoo began to grow his business, one which would eventually become a large, international business. 
Over half a century later, the political climate of the times compelled the Naidoos to say goodbye to South Africa and try their fortune in the United Kingdom. Optimistic, hardworking and forward thinking, Naranjan R. Naidoo’s father continued the family legacy by growing the business in their new home, while raising a family that included young Naranjan. Upon his death in the early 1980s, Naranjan Naidoo inherited the business and all the responsibility that came with it, and became determined to carry on where his predecessors had left off and to expand the business to its next level. 

Gulf Pacific

Naranjan Naidoo’s company is known as Gulf Pacific. Its international headquarters are located in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates. The company’s main focus is in creating deals that involve Energy and Mining, as well as commodities such as minerals and metals. In addition to its core business, the company also owns real estate holdings and deals in private equity. 
Naidoo’s unique family and personal history has helped make him a great success as CEO, and helped to bring great triumph to Gulf Pacific. A sensational networker and charismatic personality, the connections he has forged and maintained with members of the governments of various African countries, including his former South African homeland, as well as with those fostered with member of the Royal Family of various Middle Eastern countries, have enabled him to get things done that few others could. His name inspires trust and confidence, and his participation in deals helps bring them to fruition, inspiring members of big business, large investors and governments themselves to participate in the transactions he puts together. 

Personal Life

Naranjan Naidoo is happily married, with two beloved children, a son and a daughter. His son, the younger child, is now finishing his studies in the UK at the University of London, with plans to embark upon an MBA. His eldest, a daughter, has finished her studies and is now a businesswoman in her own right, following in the footsteps of her father and determined to prove herself in the field. 

Humanitarian Endeavors

Outside of his business endeavors, Naranjan Naidoo devotes a serious amount of time, energy and finances to helping society and the surrounding community. One organization he has strong ties with is the United Nations Global Compact. This organization is a coalition of businesses who have determined that their operations will conform to 10 principles surrounding the territories of pro-environmentalism, anti-corruption, protection of human rights and more. The idea is that business will work not only for its own success, but for the betterment of all society.


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